Best Coffee Grinders Under $100 in 2022

There’s nothing better than grinding some fresh smelling coffee beans and making a cup of coffee in the morning. The instant stuff can’t replace the smell and taste generated by this process. Best of all, a coffee grinder can also often be used for grinding spices, ore, herbs, chili and grains, making it a very versatile kitchen appliance.

Having said that, there are manual and electric coffee grinders. This list contains only the finest electric coffee grinders under $100. We’ve tested the most often recommended coffee grinders to determine which ones are the best. These ten excelled based on multiple features including design, capacity, grinding quality, available settings and price.

Since these are some of the best coffee grinders on the market, I’m sure you will find this list helpful in finding one that suits your needs:

Capresso 560.01 Infinity Conical Burr Grinder, Black

With a sturdy and quality construction, authentic conical burrs and an affordable price, it is no wonder that the new Capresso 560.01 grinder has gained a lot of popularity. For those wishing to experience the flavor of freshly ground coffee, the Infinity Conical machine will definitely do its job.

This machine is particularly easy-to-use and offers coffee-lovers 16 different grind settings, All those settings can be easily controlled via the central large dial placed on the front of the grinder. A timer with numbers on promises precision and the machine is really easy-to-clean thanks to its removable containers and upper burrs.

Every type of brewing method can be used with precision by users of this grinder, including espresso, Turkish, French press and drip coffee. The machine doesn’t grind your coffee quickly and that is actually a good thing. Why is that? Because when the rotations per minute are lowe, then less friction and heat up will occur when the machine is in full operation. That will protect you from burning your beans, particularly if you are a beginner in the field of coffee machines.


The advanced cutting design of the conical burrs along with their solid steel structure promise to give customers high-precision grinding and the unique safety lock mechanism ensures that no grinding is gonna take place if the bean container is not in place. The machine is also, less noisy compared to similar electric models and it offers some consistent grinding. The reduced noise along with the little static build-up is responsible for the machine’s ability to preserve its aroma.

An important benefit of this machine compared to other affordable options on the market nowadays, is the fact that it has a large maximum capacity of 8.8 ounces in the beans container and 4 ounces on the ground coffee container. The machine is available in two colors, the stylish black and the modern stainless steel looking one. Overall, the style and shape of this grinder will look great on every house, traditional or modern. This particular model can also, be used in other places, like your dorm room or office.

A small issue with this machine is the fact that although the finer grinds, like the ones used for espresso, come out fairly uniform, some others like those for a french press can over-extract and come out a bit uneven. Also, the main parts of the machine could be upgraded to a stainless steel structure instead of the plastic one to ensure the strength and longevity of the machine.

  • Sleek and sturdy design
  • Quiet and consistent
  • Affordable
  • Easy-to-use even for beginners
  • Possible over-extraction depending on the setting used

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Ariete-Delonghi Electric Coffee Grinder 3017

The pretty high capacity of this machine along with its professional structure makes it an ideal option for large gatherings or even parties. It is capable of producing large quantities of raw coffee at one time and for this reason, it is ideal for the occasions mentioned previously.

With years of experience in the field of coffee machines, Delonghi was certified by the Quiet Mark in 2012 for the innovation of its products. The 3017 Electric Grinder is no exception. With 15 different grind settings, you can choose from, tasting a cup of fresh coffee has never been easier. In fact, this machine is fully customizable and you can choose the type of grind you wish to experience with the press of a button. Whether you are a fan of finer or coarser grinds, you will feel overly content with the facilities of this product. Espresso, Turkish Coffee, French Press, Drip Coffee can all be prepared quickly and without much effort.


After you choose the grind size you are comfortable with, you can use the user manual guide to set the timer and rest assured that you will get the number of cups you wish to make. Thorough instructions and images accompany the machine in order to help you choose the right timing depending on the coffee grind. The heavy conical burr disc allows users to taste some ultra-fine grind, as well. The ground coffee container has a maximum capacity of 6.5 oz of ground coffee, while the bean hopper can hold up to 13.33 oz of coffee beans.

The bean hopper is removable and that makes cleaning an easy task. Actually, the bean hopper can automatically lock with beans inside, and that ensures that the beans will stay in a cool and protected environment for as long as you wish. The sleek design and modern look of this Ariete-Delonghi machine ensure that it will greatly fit any modern or traditional kitchen. The dimensions of this machine are the following: 14” x 9” x 5”. Although the machine has a traditional look, it is developed to suit the modern needs of every homeowner.

A small issue with this coffee grinder is the fact that the ground coffee container fits tightly under the grounds outlet that exists jus above it. That can complicate a bit the process of pushing in or out this container when you need to clean it.

  • Many settings
  • Clear instructions, illustrative images
  • Nice design
  • High capacity
  • Too tight ground coffee container
  • A bit messy during the cleaning process

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Capresso 560.04 Infinity Conical Burr Coffee Grinder

The new Capresso 560.04 Infinity grinder promises to give customers a delicious and tasty cup of coffee, with deep flavors and aroma. Recognized by its sleek structure and good-looking image, this machine will definitely meet up to anyone’s expectations.

Ideal for coffee lovers who wish to taste a cup of delicious coffee at all times, thanks to its consistent and quick grinding properties, this Capresso machine features also, some other unique benefits. It offers customers 4 different grind categories: coarse, regular, fine and extra fine. Although it has a high capacity, that can hold up to 4 oz of ground coffee, the machine is still lightweight and easy to move around and clean. A built-in timer is included in this machine and can run from 5 to 60 seconds depending on the grind and the amount of coffee you wish to make. Therefore, you will no more need to stand by and wait to press the end button yourself.

A unique feature of this model is that the specifically designed gear reduction motor is responsible for the machine’s quiet operation. Apart from the reduced noise, only a little static build-up occurs. Slower grinding leads to better coffee results, as well in terms of flavor and aroma. Overall, this machine is easy-to-store away and clean, and its 100W motor ensures quick and trustworthy grinding.

Pouring the grounds directly from the hopper in the machine has never been easier and with 16 different grinding options available, it is no wonder that lovers of different grinds, varying from espresso and Turkish to french press have found this machine satisfying. A sturdy safe lock system could not be missed from this machine. Generally, you can use this machine to complement the image of your kitchen, but you can also, place it in other small places, like the door room or your office.

Some customers have complained about the fact that the cup where the ground coffee falls into is plastic and even the little static electricity that is created, causes the coffee to cling to the walls, complicating a bit the cleaning procedure.

  • High capacity, ideal for large parties
  • Fashionable and sleek design
  • Slow grinding-good aroma
  • Built-in timer
  • Plastic ground container-some difficulty cleaning

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Bodum Bistro Burr Grinder, Black

A funky-looking machine that allows users to grind fresh coffee daily, the new Bodum Bistro Burr Grinder offers some unique features you cannot easily find on similar machines on the market.

What we first notice about this machine is the fact that the whole structure seems durable and of high-quality. Each of the parts it consists of seem pretty long-lasting and that’s a good point, if we want to invest in something that will follow us for years. The color of this machine is also, good for every household.

Apart from the exterior, however, the interior of this product is quite impressive, as well. To start with, the machine possesses a 160-Watt motor that drives the burrs at a steady speed of 720 RPM. The result? A consistent grind at all times. A unique feature of this device is the fact that it consists of a friction clutch. That innovative feature is added in order to let the machine detect any stones that have gotten themselves into the burrs and inform the user with a characteristic rattling noise. That enables us to shut off the machine, clean the bins and restart the machine afterward, without the danger of damaging the inner mechanism due to possible undetected stones.


The plastic hopper has a capacity of 7.8 oz and it is transparent, allowing you to have a good look inside. The key feature of this machine however, is associated with its grounds bin. That container has a satisfactory capacity of 11 oz and it is made of borosilicate glass. That type of material helps in discharging the static from the ground coffee beans. Therefore, you’ll not have to worry about spilling coffee dust all over your countertop when you wish to clean the bin after repetitive usage.

The dimensions of this machine are: 7.6” x 7.1” x 12.5” and its weight is only 4.71 lbs. That makes it really easy-to-store away and ideal for every kitchen or door room. Since the whole machine is static-free, as mentioned before, you will not have any trouble cleaning it once in a while. The contrasting buttons on this device make for an intuitive system in terms of your daily grinding routine. The adjustable timer dial should be set each time to your preferred time and the push on/off button just beside the timer enables users to start the machine quickly.

A small issue with this machine, however, is the fact that it may not be the best option for espresso lovers, since that particular brewing comes a bit inconsistent.

  • Static-free
  • Interior friction clutch
  • Satisfactory capacity
  • A bit noisy
  • Not that consistent in espresso brewing

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CGOLDENWALL 300g Electric Grain Mill Grinder

A beautifully-designed, lightweight, highly-efficient and professional machine is what describes the new CGOLDENWALL Grain Grinder. With a speed that can reach up to 28000r/minute and a 1500W power, it is no wonder that this grinder is among the top choices on the market, nowadays.

With a capacity of 300g, you will be able to grind a sufficient amount of coffee quickly and without much trouble. With the ability to work continuously for 8 minutes, this model will crash your grains to produce a great and superfine cup of fresh coffee. The unique feature of this grinder, that highly distinguishes it from similar models on the market is the fact that it can be used for different types of grains and materials, apart from coffee, as well. For example, glossy seeds, Hide gelatin, licorice, Chinese dodder, as well as any type of dehydrated foods, like pepper, rice, corn, and fish feed can be smashed by this machine.

The stronger sealing capacity of this grinder, along with the polished crushed groove ensures that the whole process of grinding is made relatively easy and any type of noise is reduced to almost zero. A built-in timer allows users to control the grinder and set the working time. The CWOLDENWALL machine is also, electricity-saving and environmental friendly. The detachable steel blade ensures easy cleaning after you have finished the whole grinding process.

Another unique feature of this machine is that it has an upgraded air overload protection. That being said, in case the machine suddenly stops working due to a power cut, for example, you will just need to push the overload protector button and no harm will come to your grinder.

A small issue with this machine however, is the fact that there are no clear instructions in the initial package, therefore you’ll need to experiment a bit before you fully understand how it works.

  • High-power machine and speedy motor
  • Variety of materials and grains for smashing
  • Affordable price
  • Almost zero noise/ideal for an apartment
  • No clear instructions

Available on Amazon

Secura Electric Burr Grinder Mill, Black

A reliable coffee grinder, that can grind coffee like a pro both in terms of speed and consistency, the new Secura Electric Burr Grinder Mill has a lot to offer customers.

Suitable for every kitchen countertop and able to let you grind coffee for up to 14 cups simultaneously, there is no need for you to spend some extra time trying to measure the beans each time you wish to make a cup of coffee. The top hopper has the ability to store your beans and dispense the ideal quantity depending on the number of cups you wish to make. All you have to do is control the grind setting, and press the start button.

The machine offers 17 different setting options, ranging from Espresso to French press. The results are consistent and the machine is durable and capable of providing you with fresh coffee for many years. The automatic shut-off operation is also, part of this machine and the easy-to-use on/off button promises to let every customer enjoy the simplicity of this device.


Overall, the Secura Electric Grinder Mill offers small footprint. Its aesthetically good-looking image it possesses enable the machine to complement every type of room or kitchen to the best of the owner’s advantage. Most importantly, the machine comes with durable steel housing and its dimensions are the following: 6” x 4” x 8.75”. The ground coffee container is colorless, and that allows you to see the amount of powder that’s collected in it every time.

The hopper is removable and therefore, you can clean it easily every once in a while. The most important characteristic of this device, however, is the fact that it is really affordable if we compare it to similar products on the market that offer similar features. However, some customers have claimed that the coarsest setting is a bit inconsistent.

  • Affordable choice
  • Removable hopper,easy-to-clean
  • High-capacity and yet lightweight
  • Inconsistent in coarsest settings

Available on Amazon

Brim Conical Burr Coffee Bean Grinder

A grinder of high-performance and with a fully-automated design, this Conical Burr Coffee Grinder produced by Brim is a great choice for every coffee lover. Precision, simplicity and high-quality are the main characteristics of this machine.

17 different grind settings are available for you to choose from. Varying from coarse to fine and with everything in between available, as well the machine promises to deliver you with the aroma and flavor of your specific type of coffee you most like at all times. Its high-power performance and high-capacity allow users to make a series of cups of coffee all at once. For this reason, this machine can be used by everyone wishing to host a party or a meeting.

The brewing container has a specifically designed lid that preserves flavor throughout the whole grinding process and prevents coffee from drying out. Inspired by traditional brewing and grinding techniques and developed to match the needs of modern times, the new Brim Conical Burr Coffee Grinder is ready to offer coffee lovers a variety of different options when it comes to their beloved types of coffee. Espresso, French press, and Turkish coffee can all be produced by this grinder and you can choose from the available settings the one that fits your personal flavors best.

With the ability to grind up to 85g of coffee each time thanks to its large and removable bean container and with a speed that we do not usually meet in machines that are so affordable, this Brim grinder is definitely a great choice for every new or professional coffee addict. However, despite its high-power, the machine is optimized to offers speeds that are effective, and yet gentle to the beans. Most importantly, the durable and sturdy construction of the machine promises to provide you with its benefits in the long-term. For this reason, the Brim Conical Burr Grinder is considered a lifetime investment of your money.

A small issue with this grinder is the fact that it can sometimes be a bit messy when you try to clean it up. To put it simply, when you try to open the trap, some coffee grinds may be spewed to the outside environment. However, you can solve this problem by trying to perform the whole cleaning process with caution and slow movements.

  • Sturdy and sleek construction
  • Suitable for different types of coffee
  • Fully-automated design
  • High capacity
  • A bit messy during cleaning

Available on Amazon

Secura Burr Coffee Grinder


A very good value for your money, thanks to its quality structure and high-performance, the new Burr Coffee Grinder by Secura is a great machine for every coffee addict.

The black color and crisp, even lines of this grinder give it a professional and elegant look and its relatively small dimensions allow homeowners to store it away safely. The dimensions are the following: 6” x 4” x 8.75”, and they make the machine great for small kitchens and dorm rooms, as well. You can tuck it easily away under your cabinet or you can place it into your cupboard. Most owners, however, prefer to leave the machine on their countertop at all times to ensure immediate access to it.

The grinder can produce a fairly uniform grind. Beans can be easily added and removed from the device and the 17 available settings enable users to choose the type of grinding they most prefer for their specific type of coffee. The grinder is really adjustable, and it provides owners with 18 different grind sizes they can choose from, varying from coarse to ultra-fine ones. Whether you are a fan of fresh espresso, or you are more of a Turkey coffee lover, you can rest assured that you will taste a hot or cold cup of quality coffee quickly and without much trouble with the use of this grinder.

The device stands up well to repeated use and provides consistent results even after a lot of years of daily operation. Its 110W motor promises to grind your beans effectively at all times. The burr grinding mechanism of this machine helps in preserving the natural aroma of your coffee and protects the beans from getting overheated. Although, as we mentioned before, the dimensions of this machine are not that big, its coffee bean container can hold up to 8 ounces, while its coffee grounds container has a maximum capacity of 5 ounces.

Most importantly, the grinder is fully automated. That being said, you can control every little operation with the press of a single button. For this reason, it is particularly convenient for new members of the coffee addict family. The only issue with this machine is the fact that extended operation may lead to the development of static electricity buildup in the hopper that can cause some ground coffee to wind up on the machine.

  • Easy-to-operate/Fully automated
  • Quality and durable structure
  • Variety of grinding options
  • Static electricity buildup after extended operation

Available on Amazon

OXO Brew Conical Burr Coffee Grinder


A grinder that can provide homeowners with a tasty and fresh cup of coffee daily, the OXO Brew Coffee Grinder combines a series of features and benefits that attest to its popularity among coffee lovers.

The speed, variety of settings and structure of this machine combined with its affordable price make it a good option and a well-worth competitor in the field of coffee grinders. With a durable structure that is typically common in more pricy devices and with the option to adjust the quantity and quality of your beans, thanks to the 15 available grind settings, it is no wonder that this machine has gained a lot of popularity.

The top of the machine holds a hopper where you can store your whole coffee beans. When the machine is operating, the hopper empties its content directly into a stainless-steel grinding system. Depending on your preferences, you can choose the grind setting that suits you best, varying from coarse french coffee to an ultra-fine cup of espresso.


A great benefit of this product is the fact that it performs its job quickly and without making too much noise. In fact, this grinder is among the quietest ones on the market, nowadays. Apart from speed, consistency is another feature we usually require from a grinder. The OXO Brew grinder promises to give us some consistent results, meaning that the final cup of coffee will keep its flavor and aroma intact and same at all times.

Hopper has a maximum capacity of 0.75 pounds and the dimensions of this product are the following: 12” x 7.4” x 6”. The grounds container can fill up to 11o grams of beans, making it a good choice even if you wish to make a series of cups of coffee simultaneously. The built-in timer of this machine enables users to keep their last setting and avoid remembering something wrong when they wish to make exactly the same type of coffee.

Although the grinder does some good work in providing you with different types of grinds, some customers have found the coarser ones to be a bit inconsistent.

  • Variety of preset programs
  • Good size, easy storage
  • Built-in timer/time saving
  • A bit inconsistent coarse flavors
Brand OXO
Item Weight 4.5 Pounds
Product Specifications (Unit) 50.56 Ounce
Item Dimensions LxWxH 7.4 x 12 x 16 inches

Available on Amazon

Cuisinart DBM-8 Supreme Grind Automatic Burr Mill

With an unbelievably low price and a superior quality, it is no wonder that a lot of fuss has been associated with this machine. We talk about the new Cuisinart DBM-8 Supreme Grind Automatic Burr Mill.

The DBM-8 is an entry-level grinder that combines a series of great features, that make it ideal for every type of coffee lover. This grinder is equipped with a series of ceramic block burrs and has a removable plastic hopper with a maximum capacity of 8 oz. The machine offers a safety feature that ensures that the whole operation won’t start unless the hopper and the grounds bin are properly in place. Although you will spend some time transferring your beans from the bin to your coffee equipment, the whole safety feature is good, particularly when there are children or older people around.

Although the body of this machine is plastic, the exterior has an aluminum finish and some black accents, ensuring that it will greatly match your every kitchen. The grinder weighs only 4.7lbs and has the following dimensions: 6” x 7.13” x 10.75”. Its a compact and easy-to-store away machine that will definitely not take too much of your cabinet’s or countertop’s space. The DBM-8 possesses a removable hopper that allows you to have access to the coffee residue and clean it periodically.


Since this machine is all-plastic, you should be aware of the fact that it is prone to static. That being, said, to avoid ending up with coffee dust all around you, you should be a bit more careful when you clean it up. Although low-priced, this machine is quite sturdy and promises to grind your coffee for many years without suffering from damages. The company offers an 18-month warranty on this machine.

This particular model is easy-to-install and use even if you are a new coffee lover. The only thing you need to do each time is to choose the preferred grind setting and the number of cups you wish to make and just press the start button. A 18-stepped grind size adjustment setting is available, enabling you to choose from fine to coarse flavors. The speed of this device, is also, very good. You can actually grind for about 12 cups of coffee in just 40 seconds!

However, the machine is quite noisy particularly when it starts to operate and the plastic parts it consists can create some unnecessary static energy that can make cleaning a bit harder than usual.

  • Really affordable solution
  • Easy-to-use by everyone
  • Safety feature
  • Variety of coffee options
  • Quite loud operation
  • All-plastic main body
Model Name DBM-8 Supreme Grind Automatic Burr Mill
Material Stainless Steel
Brand Cuisinart
Color Stainless Steel
Capacity 0.23 Kilograms

Available on Amazon

These are the best medium-to-low priced coffee grinders on the market. They are powerful enough to grind even the toughest of coffee beans and strong enough to be used consistently on a long-term basis. While every coffee grinder on the market has a few negative attributes, these are the ones with least flaws based on our testing and hundreds of customer reviews. Hope this helps!

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