9 Awesome Portable Mini Washing Machines in 2023!

Whether you live in a small apartment or have a large household, a portable mini washer can come in handy. But making a choice when there are too many machines that all look and feel the same can be very difficult.

Tell me about it! Our team tested 20 best selling mini washing machines and compared their specifications and abilities to produce washing results. We ended up narrowing our recommendations to these 10 machines that are still very similar in quality but are slightly different in terms of price and features.

I’m confident in recommending the 9 washers on this list for relatively small laundry requirements. But make sure to read the following reviews to assess the pros and cons before making your purchasing decision:

1. COSTWAY Mini Washing Machine for Compact Laundry

A portable and compact mini washing machine that’s easy to move around and can be stored at any little spot of your house, room, motor home or RV, the COSTWAY washing machine employs the latest technology to clean your clothes efficiently.

An important feature of this product is the presence of a user-friendly timer. With the press of a button, you can protect your clothes, all by controlling the duration of each program. It also comes with a spinning function which ensures that your clothes get washed from every direction.

A key benefit of this product is its user-friendly nature. In fact, all you have to do is load the washing machine with your clothes, fill it with water, set the timer at your preferred program and leave the machine to do its job,

A small difficulty with this product is the fact that you will have to drain the soapy water and then add some fresh water in order to rinse the clothes. Another detail you should have in mind is the fact that when you turn the water on, you need to stay close by since it will not stop filling with water by itself.

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2. hOmeLabs 0.9 Cu. Ft. Portable Washing Machine

A portable washing machine with two hidden wheels at the back of it and with a 6-pound capacity, this machine is ideal for any little space in your home or motor home.

The product offers customers a fully automatic function that goes from washing and rinsing to spinning. A stainless steel drum, a transparent viewing lid and a durable drain pump that allows you to easily drain out dirty water are some of the most fascinating features of this machine.

With an efficient 200 Watts input power and with a quite spin function, it is no wonder that the hOmeLabs washing machine is considered top in the list of energy-efficient devices.

Despite the quite spin function, however, some customers have complained about the vibrations the machine makes when it works at its full capacity. The fact that the machine may shake a bit when it starts operating has made some customers stand close by to check things a bit.

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3. SUPER DEAL Portable Compact Washing Machine

With a 5.5 lb. capacity, this small yet efficient washing machine is perfect for every small place. The combination of washing and spinning it offers clients, along with its ability to move your clothes directly from your washing option to the spinning, make this machine a great choice for every homeowner.

This portable device is made of high-quality plastic material and possesses an integrated motor that guarantees durability and high-maintenance for years.

The energy-efficient operation the machine has allows you to save a lot of money on utility costs and its clear and transparent design allows you to watch the whole washing process. The only drawback of this machine is the fact that it can be a bit noisy at times.

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4. SUPER DEAL Portable Compact Mini Twin Tub Washing Machine

Another great mini-washing machine produced by SUPER DEAL, with the special feature of the twin tub design, enables users to move their clothes from the washing operation to the spinner or to run both sides at the same time if you wish to save more time.

With a 1300 RPM motor and a maximum frequency of 60 Hz, the whole technology behind this machine can be described as simple, yet effective. Easy-to-move and with a specific space-saving design, the SUPER DEAL portable machine can be placed in a bathroom, kitchen, dorm-room or even motor home.

A small issue with this machine is the fact that the spinning container is a bit smaller than the washing container and therefore, you need to leave some of your laundry in the washing side of the machine.

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5. Giantex 16Ibs Portable Mini Washing Machine

Designed with two different and separate tubes, the washing and the spinning tube, the machine enables you to use the tube you only wish to or both tubes at the same time.

Giantex mini washing machine also possesses three control switches that allow you to control the time and temperature of the whole washing and spinning process. The lightweight nature of this machine, along with its perfect shape make it extremely portable and ideal for every type of environment, including camping, small apartments or dorm rooms.

A minor disadvantage of this washing machine, however, is the fact that it can be a bit noisy particularly during the spinning process.

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6. Portable Washing Machine TG23-Twin Tube by Think Gizmos

With an overall capacity of 3.6 kg for washing and 2 kg for spinning, the washing machine TG23 produced by Think Gizmos is simple to use and ideal for places of limited space.

The box includes everything you are gonna need to operate the machine, including a fully translated manual. On top of the washing machine, there are some easy-to-use dials.

The machine offers two operations, washing and spinning and although the spinning capacity is a bit lower compared to the washing one, your clothes will normally dry within 3-5 minutes.

Another important feature of this product is the fact that it contains a satisfactory water fill hose. Some customers, however, have found that the machine can be quite noisy particularly when it is starting up and slowing down in the end.

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7. Portable Washing Machine, Spin Dryer by KUPPET

A well-designed and highly efficient washing machine produced by KUPPET, this product comes in two color options and helps you sort out your laundry at no time at all.

The machine is both functional and affordable and features a clear blue lid and a laundry container. On the top, there is a water inlet and the main compartment has a spin-dry tube and a drain outlet. With a 7 Ibs washing capacity and a 360W motor power, this washing machine allows owners to move the clothes directly from the washing function to the spinning operation.

Although the machine is really powerful, it runs very quietly and that enables you to place it anywhere in your house, including your bedroom. A limitation of this product is the fact that the washing container and the dry compartment are in the same place, and therefore, you cannot run them simultaneously.

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8. Giantex Portable Compact Full automatic washing machine

With 5 different programs for you to choose from and with three available water levels, this particular washing machine launched by Giantex is the perfect addition to any small place. The built-in aluminum pump and the drain tube allow owners to drain out dirty water.

The machine is user-friendly, doesn’t require a professional during installation and it is both portable and lightweight. Most importantly, this particular model is fully automated and all you need to do is to set your preferred machine program and let the machine do its job all alone.

With a maximum weight capacity of 8 Ibs, the washing machine will meet your laundry expectations. A small drawback of this machine is the fact that it doesn’t come with an adapter that would enable users to hook it to faucets. However, customers can purchase such an adapter at a low price if they wish to.

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10. SUPER DEAL 2 in 1 Mini Compact Twin Tub Washing Machine

Made of high-quality plastic and with an aluminum pump, the new mini compact twin tub washing machine produced by SUPER DEAL is a portable and space-saving device that can easily fit in every little space in your room.

With two built-in units, one for washing clothes and the other one for spinning, this machine is perfect for those wishing to wash and dry their clothes quickly. It can load up to 11 Ibs laundry and it possesses some separate timer control settings for washing and spinning operations.

This newest model has 78.8 inches longer inlet hose than can drain dirty water quickly. On the side of the washing barrel, there is a special filter net that can be easily pulled off when you wish to clean the tube. Some customers, however, have complained about the noise the machine tends to make particularly when it starts operating.

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Final Thoughts

When purchasing a smaller washing machine be sure to check that the size is still adequate for washing the amount of clothes that you want. You’ll have to compromise to some degree, but if it’s too small it will get annoying fast.

Apart from the reviews that I’ve provided in this article, be sure to check the appliance you’re interested on Amazon. There you will find the current price, the latest customer reviews and more information on ordering it if you are satisfied with what is has to offer.

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