Bissell Vs Shark Steam Mop: Pros, Cons & Feature Comparison

Let’s face it: mopping dirty floors with a squeeze mop isn’t a glamorous task. If you’re anything like me, you do it out of a sense of duty – gotta keep the house clean and sanitary. Having two young kids, a toddler, and three pugs makes housekeeping a tedious chore.

That was before I discovered the cleaning phenomenon that is steam cleaning with a steam mop. After checking the prices, I decided to compare two of the most popular models – the Bissell Power Fresh Steam Mop and Shark S7001 Steam Mop.

Dig into this detailed review that highlights my experience with these cleaning powerhouses and which one is my all-time favorite.

Bissell Power Steam Mop 1940A Shark S7001 Steam Mop
– Lightweight, ergonomic design – Solid, lightweight construction
– No rotating disc technology – Uses rotating disc technology
– Affordable price tag – Considerably pricier
– 3 steam settings – 3 steam and cleaning settings
– Low-profile head with swivel technology – Rotating disc cleaning head with swivel technology
– It comes with an on/off switch – No on/off power button
– Manual scrubber for deep stain removal – Automatic rotating disc stubborn stain removing technology
– Uses fragrance discs – Fragrance discs not recommended
– May use tap water – Distilled water only
– High water efficiency – Lower water efficiency leading to constant refills
– Removable water reservoir – Fixed water reservoir but comes with a refilling flask
– 23-foot power cable – 22-foot power cable
– Re-usable, machine washable pads – Re-usable, machine washable pads
– Ideal for all sealed floors – Ideal for all sealed floors


Bissell Power Fresh Steam Mop 1940A

Naturally, the Bissell Power Fresh Steam Mop was the first electric steam mop on my list. A quick search on the internet reveals it to be the best-selling steam mop in the country, so I had to get it. I simply couldn’t wait to get my hands on it; fortunately, it’s available on Prime, so it shipped rather quickly.

At first, I was bummed because the mop requires assembly, and I don’t consider myself handy with a wrench. Luckily, you don’t need a wrench, and after carefully studying the manual, I had the mop ready to go in five minutes flat. The assembled unit felt light and looks the part of a sophisticated cleaning tool.

With assembly complete, it was time to get down to work. First up, filling the reservoir tank with water. The Bissell Power Fresh comes with a detachable water tank that’s easy to remove and retouch. I filled the reservoir, reattached it to the mop, and flipped the steam switch.

Effortless Mopping

At this point, I was giddy with excitement. Could this be it? The answer to all my floor cleaning problems? I had selected the lowest steam setting on the mop, and boy did the water heat up fast! It took all of 30 seconds for the ready light to steady and signal that the mop was rearing to go.

Naturally, I started with the living room since I couldn’t wait to remove the scuff marks, shoe streaks, and other gob from my hardwood floor. I specifically chose the lowest setting out of fear of hydrating the floorboards. Luckily, my fears were unfounded – the mop operates rather efficiently. The upstroke applies the steam to the floors, while the downstroke allows the sturdy mop head to wipe it dry.

That said, the Bissell steam mop comes with three steam settings so you can select the amount of steam coming from its head. I have come to love this feature because it gives you matchless convenience when mopping different types of floors. Or dealing with heavy messes after having my extended family over.

Thoughtful Engineering

The mop is exquisitely engineered and boasts an ergonomic design, which makes it feel like an extension of your hand. The 23-foot-long power cord is a true lifesaver – you don’t need a power outlet in every corner of the house. With a Bissell steam mop, cleaning floors has never been easier. Besides making the cleaning process effortless, the steam mop feels great in your hand.

I was amazed by the steam mop’s water consumption. The reservoir may be small, but you’ll hardly ever need to refill when mopping up your house. By my estimates, you can clean more than 1,200 sq ft of floors without needing a refill.

I love that the Bissell steam mop comes with a handy spot scrubber to let you work on stubborn stains. The retractable scrubber is conveniently located on the opposite side of the mop head so that you can flip it down with your feet. That saves you the hassle of bending over each time you encounter a tough stain – that’s so thoughtful of Bissell.

The heavy-duty construction allows the mop to cut through and release caked-on dirt without using elbow grease or putting your back into it. Running the mop a few times effortlessly cuts through even the toughest stains. The mop lends itself for a onehanded operation that is easy on your back and reduces physical exhaustion.

No More Back Pains

I love the lightweight nature of this steam mop because it makes it easy to reach around and under furniture. The swivel steering eliminates the need to move furniture when cleaning your floors. Since the mop head is low profile, it fits under couches to let you clean even the furthest corners and other hard-to-reach places. With a Bissell steam mop, mopping floors is no longer a chore. Now I can clean my entire house in 30 minutes flat and best of all, no more back pains.

I am so delighted that my days of getting on all fours to clear dog messes are in the past. Bissell steam mop is specially designed for pet owners and readily cleans up messes made by your cats, dogs, or any other pet in the household. With this steam mop, you no longer need harsh chemicals to sanitize your floors following a pet accident.

Powerful, Natural Cleaning Solution

The hot steam eliminates 99.9% of germs and bacteria to keep all the floors in your home clean and sanitary. I love that my house no longer smells like a hospital ward from all the disinfectants I needed to sterilize the place after a pet accident. Nowadays, I revel in the clean house smell since I am not a fan of fragrances.

However, if you prefer a lingering fragrance after mopping your floors clean, you can insert fragrance discs into the mop pad. The steam will run through the discs to leave your home clean and fragrant. You have a choice of many fragrances to choose from, so you can get one that suits your taste and style.

Changing the microfiber pad after cleaning a filthy floor is essential. The pads get caked with dirt and grime, and the dirt might transfer to the surface you clean next. Luckily, these pads are replaceable and easy to clean.

I find it advantageous to have a few replacement pads to change them out if the mop starts leaving streaks on the floor. The cleaning pads are re-usable and machine-washable so that you can toss them into the washer after each cleaning session.


  • Excellent cleaning capacity
  • 3 Steam setting with an On/Off switch
  • Water-efficient with a removable water reservoir
  • It stands upright and boasts swivel head technology
  • Long power cable and a manual scrubber


  • You’d need to scrub stubborn stains manually
  • Require frequent pad changes to avoid streaking

Shark S7001 Steam Mop

I must admit, I got this one on a flex because it was, well, more and packed more features to let me power through any cleaning needs. Hey, who’s not for making house chores more fun, right?

I was already impressed when the Shark Mop arrived – it was easy to assemble and ready to out of the box. Being the cautious type, I chose to study the manual carefully; after all, this was an expensive purchase. I am glad I did; otherwise, I’d have filled it up with tap water – which might have lowered its lifespan. Use only distilled water with your Shark Mop Scrubber for the best results.

Beautiful, Lightweight Design

Out of the box, the Shark S7001 cuts quite the impression. Weighing a mere 7.8 pounds, the mop is undoubtedly heavier than the Bissell but still lightweight and easy to operate one-handed. It comes with a beautiful, appealing design and a characteristic rounded cleaning head.

The S7001 is available in 2 & 3 steam cleaning modes. I opted for the 3-steam mode model because it promised extra cleaning power – the kind you need when you have pets and toddlers in the house. Light steam for quick cleanup and dusting, normal steam for everyday cleaning, and deep steam for dealing with stuck-on goo, messes, and stains.

After going through the manual, I was confident I could operate the mop without breaking it. So, I filled the reservoir with distilled water and chose the light steam mode. It took all of 30 seconds for the filtered water to turn into steam, and I was ready to go.

Exceptional Cleaning Technology

Unlike the Bissell steam mop, the Shark S7001 uses spinning discs to clean and scrub your floor. And the difference is clear. The combination of rotating discs and steam really put the word clean in clean floors. These spinning discs deliver over 150 scrubs per minute and seem to have a mind of their own.

Due to the mop’s superior engineering, the cleaning head swivels from left to right as it glides effortlessly across the floor. You’ll be amazed, scratch that, astonished by the stark difference between the parts you’ve scrubbed with this mop and those you’re yet to clean: day and night. I run the mop on the yellowing tiles in my bathroom. OMG! The tiles now look brand new – I had a bathroom make-over in less than ten minutes.

It’s safe to say that you don’t know clean until you’ve tried the Shark S7001 mop and scrubber. This steam mop reduces scrubbing floors to an effortless and rewarding exercise. Turn up the music, and before you know it, your entire house is clean and sparkling.

Deep Cleaning Maverick

Unlike a regular steam mop, the Shark Steam & Scrub is designed to deep clean, scrub, and sanitize your floors in a single stroke. It’s easy to maneuver around tight corners and around chairs, to rid every nook and cranny on your floor of residue, grime, grease, dust, and bacteria.

The Shark S7001 is a must-have for pet owners, parents with toddlers, or anyone with back issues. Simply put, get this mop if you wish to keep your floor clean and sanitary without breaking a sweat. While I still scold the kids for tracking mud all over the floors, it’s not as infuriating as it used to be. I just don’t want them to make it a habit.

If that happens, I simply turn the steam mop to the highest setting and watch the mud and food stains magically disappear. The rotating cleaning pads pack twice the stain removal power of an ordinary steam mop.

Battling stubborn stains with this steam mop and scrubber reduces to turning the unit to the highest setting and leaving it to do all the heavy lifting. I once demonstrated the mop’s cleaning power to a neighbor, and they ordered one there and then, sitting in my kitchen.

Replaceable, Machine-washable Scrubbing Pads

One thing to note, though, the Shark Steam and Scrub uses relatively small scrubbing pads. That means you’ll need to switch them scrubbing pads constantly – preferably after cleaning each room. Luckily, each mop ships with four cleaning pads, and you can but extra grip soft scrub pads for your cleaning convenience.

One other notable downside to this steam mop and scrubber is the size of the reservoir tank. You’ll need to constantly refill the tank as it quickly runs out of water, especially at the highest setting. But for the amount of cleaning power the mop packs, this is hardly a deal-breaker. The mop comes with a handy refilling flask to let you breeze through each refill.


  • Superior stubborn stain removal
  • Cleaning and scrubbing capabilities
  • Cleaning head with rotating pads and swivel technology
  • 3 steam and cleaning settings


  • Pricier
  • Uses distilled water
  • Smaller reservoir tank

Bissell Vs Shark Steam Mop: Which is Better?

While both steam mops are far superior to the traditional squeeze mop, the Shark S7001 stands head and shoulder above the Bissell steam mop. The Shark simply delivers on all fronts to make scrubbing floors and removing stains an effortless and enjoyable activity.

What else can you do with a steam mop?

Chances are, you’re only using your steam mop to mop and sanitize your floor. While that’s great, you’re only tapping a fraction of a steam mop’s cleaning power. Here’s what else you can do with your Bissell Steam Mop or Shark Steam & Scrub mop.

  1. Wipe ceiling fans
  2. Sanitize doorknobs and light switches
  3. Clean out your grill
  4. Clean and sanitize your oven
  5. Disinfect pet cages
  6. Clean out the gunk in the refrigerator
  7. Sanitize your toilets
  8. Remove hardwater buildup on water fixtures
  9. Deep clean your mattresses
  10. Disinfect toys and baby accessories
  11. Deep clean your car
  12. Steam cleaning your curtain

I’ll probably discover more ways to put my steam mops to great use.

Note: Some of these uses require you to disassemble the steam mop to use the steam. So, you need some level of familiarity with your unit to use it safely.

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