Contact & About Us is a website about home appliances. What we do:

  • test and review appliances
  • provide troubleshooting guides and fixes for appliances

Hi, I’m Peter Baron, the founder and chief editor of I’m a technician who also has a couple years of experience working in a repair shop. At that position I became more interested in the tech side of appliances. I’ve always loved the way technology can be harnessed to make people’s lives easier and save both time and effort while doing menial tasks.

But not all appliances are created equal. After being disappointed numerous times with my own purchases, I noticed that real tests and reviews were sorely lacking for some categories of appliances. So I decided that should fill that gap. On top of providing trustworthy reviews, we also provide fixes and advice on how to take care of appliances properly. Hopefully you will find some of the information that we share useful!

Contact information:

  • Phone number: (817) 597-5091 300
  • Address: El Cajon Blvd El Cajon, California(CA), 92020