Dishwasher Door Won’t Stay Open? – 3 Common Reasons & Fixes!

So you’re trying to load your dishwasher but the door is closing on its own. Yes, my friend, I can feel your pain because a similar thing happened on my Bosch dishwasher. There are two common reasons for this problem and you can fix them on your own.

1. Spring tension is too tight

When the spring tension is too tight, the door will be pulled to close on its own. The solution is to lighten the tension by loosening the screws or whichever other mechanism your dishwasher has for this purpose.

Read the manual and find the exact spot that needs to be tightened, or in this case released in order to make a difference. On many dishwashers the screws are located behind the tow kick plate.

Often times a Phillips screw slot can be located on the side of the door near the hinges. You can tense or lighten the spring tension with a Phillips screwdriver on that slot.

2. The door is not heavy enough

Spring tension could be ideal, but the door not heavy enough. Because it’s so light it won’t stay down. This problem usually occurs when the front panel hasn’t been installed or has been removed.

3. The tension cord has snapped

This is a more likely problem with an older dishwasher. One of the cords that attaches the door to a spring could have snapped. In that case the only option is to replace it. Though annoying, these tension cords are widely available and easy to replace.

If this doesn’t work…

In case these 3 tips don’t work out for you, consider using a rod or a similar lengthy object to keep the door open while loading and unloading. At least temporarily until you can get professional assistance or that custom panel that will make the door adequately heavy. You can also load up the bottom portion and roll it unto the door to help keep it down until you load up the upper part.

Hope this helps!

Peter Baron

I learned how to fix many appliances while working part-time in a repair shop. Appliance Solver is the result of this experience, coupled with my interest in writing helpful content online. When I'm not fixing stuff, I'm usually either playing with my kids or on a walk with my golden retriever. Doesn't get much better than that.

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