Refrigerator Door Won’t Stay Open? Top 4 Quick Fixes

Is your refrigerator door closing automatically as soon as you open it? You’ve got hands full of groceries but you have to unload them first in order to prevent the door from closing. This can be really annoying. Luckily there are ways to fix this. Here’s what you need to know:

1. Some refrigerator doors are designed to close automatically

That’s right. Many new fridges are designed on purpose to close by themselves. This is in order to prevent any accidental loss of cool air from the fridge by keeping the door open unintentionally. However, most fridge doors will stay open if you open it as wide as possible, at least 90 degrees. But if you open it only slightly, less than 45 degrees, it will close automatically more often than not.

2. Adjust the back levelers

You can keep your fridge door open even if it’s designed to close automatically. This can be done by placing it on a decline, by extending the rear leveling feet about two turns. Make sure that any change in level doesn’t jeopardize the door’s ability to stay closed or the tightness of the seal. It should also be a small decline so that the contents of the fridge don’t roll out when you open the door.

3. Ensure that the refrigerator is level from side-to-side

If one side of the fridge is lower than the other, this can also cause the door to close even when it’s not supposed to. Adjusting the levelers will do the trick most of the time. Another thing to see is whether the floor is completely level. If there’s a small bump or groove on the floor it can cause the fridge to tilt to one side or the other.

4. Adjust the refrigerator door

If the hinges are not parallel to each other the door also may not open or close properly. Poor adjustment of hinges can also prevent the door from sealing tightly with the gasket when it’s closed. This video tutorial will shows the correct way to adjust the door:


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